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Live! From Tomorrow: The Decentralization Sensation

** This post was updated January 17, following the show.

Live! From Tomorrow: The Decentralization Sensation took place at Rise New York aka "The House That Matt Built" at 43 West 23rd Street.

Way back when, say, 18 months ago, Live! From Tomorrow host Matt Hooper was still the first-ever Vice President of Open Innovation at the Barclays Investment Bank. Part of Matt's role was incubating the world's most innovative fintech companies. But you can't keep a performer in a corporate cage, not for too long anyway... if a fella's gotta sing then a fella's gotta sing. Better still, he put together a whole team of actors, singers, dancers, and by golly, a band. The Academy Blues Project, the best in the business!

As always, we played a fun and informative round of our signature game show, VS.VC, where four venture capitalists competed to deliver the most valuable strategic advice to Kendrick Nguyen, co-founder & CEO of Republic.

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