Live! From Tomorrow Podcast Launches June 4, 2020

LFT Media is thrilled to announce the launch of its original podcast, Live! From Tomorrow, an epic musical comedy about innovation in tech and business.

Recorded in the style of a cast album, the show seamlessly combines studio recordings with live performances and interviews. The five-episode, two-act inaugural season tells the extraordinary story of our lead, Matt Hooper, as he launches his new venture – a variety show-within-the-show that is called, yes, Live! From Tomorrow

We meet Matt, a self-appointed ‘innovation evangelist’ on the morning of his first performance in 2018, shortly after he’s quit his stable job at an investment bank. In promotion of his launch, Matt imposes his own brand of innovation on modern office life, a kind you won’t see on tech blogs or hear about at SXSW – with comedy and music, of course. 

Interviews include real life visionaries and noteworthy innovators like Andrew Yang, 2020 Presidential Candidate; multi-platinum recording artist Akon and Reverend Jesse Jackson; and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, actor (Game of Thrones) and climate activist. It also includes industry experts like Mark Anthony Thomas (Pittsburgh Regional Alliance; fmr NYCEDC), Kelcey Gosserand (IBM), and Anders Bering (Mars, Inc.; fmr Carlsberg Group). This wide array of guests, stretching from the worlds of politics to technology to entertainment, are all connected by a spirit of hope and a desire to move the world forward.

In addition to its highly original format, Live! From Tomorrow tackles the collective journey of our most empathetic generation – trying to make his way, and stay true to his values of generosity and compassion, Matt helps those around him navigate the ever-changing nature of work, like a real life music man airdropped into corporate America, surrounded by complicated, overlapping personal and professional relationships.

Beginning June 4, 2020Live! From Tomorrow will accompany Matt Hooper from newly-minted startup founder to world-class livestream host, gigging at the big league tech conference, “Blockchaining the Nordics” in Copenhagen. Over the course of the first season, Matt will tackle subjects like climate change, blockchain, coworking, cryptocurrencies, automation, and AI.

The podcast will be told over 5 episodes, with more than a dozen original songs written by Hooper with the LFT house band, the Academy Blues Project!

Subscribe, listen, and enjoy Live! From Tomorrow wherever you listen to podcasts.

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