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Live! From Tomorrow: Or Hardly Working?

(Updated: November 15)

“…Or Hardly Working” was taped on November 13th before a live studio audience. In this episode we set out to explore the future of labor in an increasingly automated society. In advance of Thanksgiving, our beloved cast of characters at LFT did their best to bring generations closer by explaining startup/tech jargon, we hope this serves as a model for others this Holiday season!

We played another round of our signature game show VS.VC and featured another great startup called Smart Yields.

Smart Yields founder Vincent Kimura played hard and won big for a great organization called Gentlemen’s Retreat – Vincent not only found a worthwhile VC among our four experienced contestants, he also opened our audience’s eyes to the benefits of automation in agricultural technologies.

We cannot say enough great things about Vincent, his business, and his mission. They are bringing big data to small farms at scale. Insofar, they are working to eradicate frost as a cause of crop loss in America. Smart Yields was awarded 2018 Best in Small Business by the BLH only days before their appearance on our show, so it looks like we’re congratulating Vincent and his team twice this week!

We also heard a very exciting argument for Universal Basic Income from host Matt Hooper, who promptly received a performance review live on stage.

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