Blockchain Pulse Podcast

The Blockchain Pulse Podcast | Season 1 is out now!

Towards the end of last year our friends at IBM Blockchain reached out about creating an original podcast. Now the first-ever IBM Blockchain-sponsored podcast, officially titled “Blockchain Pulse Podcast” is A-LIVE and readily available on all of the major platforms like Google, Apple, Spotify, etc.

Just give us a search on your podcasting platform of choice! The voice is sincerely LFT-born, and we had a chance to travel and interview some big players in Blockchain, and much to their credit, IBM did not interfere with the story,  they let us go, let us flow, let us make a great pod-o! We sincerely hope you agree.

Episode 1 can be found here, where we will explore identity with Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym and Adam Gunther, Executive Director of Blockchain Trusted Identity and Network Services at IBM.

Please don't hesitate to reach out directly with feedback or post your honest impressions in all the old familiar places (even if you hate it, though we hope you do not).

Update (June 25, 2019): If you are listening to our podcasts in your browser, all episodes are available at this link. Otherwise, please search "Blockchain Pulse" in your favorite podcast app or smart speaker!

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