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Blockchain Pulse Podcast | Season 2!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2nd Season of the Blockchain Pulse Podcast is well underway!

[You can find all of the Blockchain Pulse episodes here.]

In this latest run, Matt has a great many adventures exploring new topics with his guests, all of whom are building a safer, more transparent, more secure digital future. While the show is sponsored by our good friends at IBM Blockchain, you will find a range of guests from far outside the corporate realm, guests from government agencies, nonprofits, universities, startups, media, and beyond...

Starting with Nigel Gopie and Alicia Noel, founder of Cultivati, a former dairy farmer, and a leading researcher of all things innovative on the international food supply chain. Alicia shares her journey around the world, and the experiences that led her into a life of activism and supply chain solutions (this is truly fascinating). As Alicia points out, only 1 in 4 people say they trust the food supply chain. Maybe that's because, as Alicia also points out, only 43% of the fish sold here in New York is actually the species on the label. Alas, the blockchain cometh!

You can find Alicia and Nigel's interview here.

Other guests in this season include:

Karl Muth, CEO at FRST -- in addition to being a blockchain executive, Karl is a professor at Northwestern University, an advisor, and investor. Karl shares his origins in blockchain and his unique perspective on the developing blockchain space, including his predictions for Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra.

Alison McCauley, CEO at Unblocked Future is a bestselling author, "Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business (and What to Do About It)" who helps non-technical executives understand blockchain. And who better to do that than a Silicon Valley native from a family of engineers. Warning: Beware the "Blockchain Brain Virus."

Wilson Lin, Vice President at the NYCEDC is uniquely responsible for the city's Cyber NYC initiative -- partnering with VCs, founders, large corporations, and academia to develop the next generation of cyber security professionals, and blockchain job opportunities.

There is so much more to come, stay tuned!

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